How it works

First, we need to get to know each other

Pick up the phone, or complete the form to make the first move.


If I’m available on the proposed date of your big day… then let’s converse some more!


If we’re vibing over the phone or on email, I’ll likely suggest we catch up in the reals. We can meet for coffee, something a little stronger, or heck we can even grab slurpee and loiter out front of 7-Eleven if you like! Basically we just need to interact so you can decide if I’m the girl for you. In my opinion you don’t want a celebrant you couldn’t see yourself being friends with. And that’s not to say I want an invite and a seat at the bridal table, but you’re going to tell me about your relationship – the things you love most about each other, the things that kinda piss you off (yep, this is real life!), your hopes and dreams for the future – and it can be difficult to do that with someone you’re feeling a little awkies with. So, we’ll shoot the breeze. I’ll ask all about you guys. You can ask all about me. And if you’re not googling ‘how to take out an AVO’ after 30mins… then maybe we should start discussing your wedding ceremony?


Honestly, there’s no pressure. You can pick my brain about various ceremony options and stuff… or we can get stuck into the beginnings of creating your beautiful, bespoke ceremony right then and there. We’ll go at your pace. But wedding ceremonies have a ‘legal’ element too, so if you’re feeling positive about things, we can even knock over some of the boring – ahem, I mean ‘extremely important’ – paperwork (this just saves us doing it at a later meeting or via pdfs, scanners and printers). We can also just talk over some of this stuff, and you can take the paperwork home to complete. I’ll grab it off you next time I see you. I know paperwork isn’t very sexy or romantic, but I promise to make it as painless as possible.

Next, we work on making matrimonial magic

Don’t worry there’s no smoke or mirrors, and definitely nothing up my sleeve. After our initial rendezvous I’ll have enough info on you guys to start putting together the framework of your ceremony script. I’ll have sent through some docs with loads of questions, as well as offered you a bunch of ideas and suggestions for inclusions and stylistic approaches, etc.


Don’t feel like I’m trying to force anything onto you. I just want you to have all the options.


There will be emails. Much emails. You’ll have supplied a veritable ‘this is your life’, and from there it’s totally normal to have much to’ing and fro’ing. I’ll be confirming details. You’ll be correcting inaccuracies. As the specifics and highlights and crucial milestones of your relationship become clear, the script for your day will  take shape. It’s up to you whether you see the final draft. Some couples get to a point where they’re happy that the content is correct and accurate, then want to step away so that they (in a way) hear their love story for the first time, on their wedding day. Of course, you can absolutely see your script at any stage should you wish to.

Are we there yet?

Depending on how you guys wanna roll, we can arrange a final meeting or rehearsal, or both.


Want a quick and casual catch-up ‘pep-talk’? We can give your ceremony script a final once-over and finalise any outstanding paperwork (I’d like you to know that all of my paperwork is outstanding!), and I can remind you about some crucial little bits (your vows, for example).


The ‘rehearsal’ is not compulsory. In fact, these days it’s probably not even the norm. I believe it’s personality dependant. Also frequently governed by geography, obviously. Sometimes a rehearsal can be more of an impediment than a help (locking in plans and structures can often just mean more stress on the day. A simple plan that consists solely of ‘get to the church on time’ might be perfect). Remember, I’ll be there with you on the day to guide you through and put you at ease. However, if you’re a planner. And feel that a rehearsal will make you a Hindu Cow on your wedding day, then let’s! Whatever you want, we’ll do.  

OMG, it’s like Boxing Day Sales on Christmas morning!

Woohoo, we made it! I aim to be there all prettied-up, ready and waiting, at least 30min before your scheduled ‘arrival time’. I’ll probably have paid you a quick visit before hand, just to see how you’re feeling and instill some chill. With me I’ll have my fancy wireless PA system (so beach, barn, backyard or ballroom, we’ll be heard) – unless we’re having an intimate elopement where natural projection will suffice nicely – also your heart-crafted vows safely enclosed in your beautiful wedding wish book.


When the moment arrives – and you do – we’ll get this beautiful thing happening.


All you have to do is bring the rings (if you’re doing that)… and be yourselves. It’ll be perfect.

While you’re bathing in the afterglow…

On the day – usually just after ‘the kiss’ and just before you’re ‘officially’ announced – you’ll sign the last legal documents. You get a ‘replica’ marriage certificate (this is the pretty one you’ve seen folks hold up and get a photo with) which is yours to take home. But, that’s not the ‘ball and chain’ one. That comes a little later.

I’ll lodge all your official paperwork (including one of the other docs we sign during your ceremony) with Births, Deaths and Marriages the Monday following your wedding day (your mind will likely be a million miles away – possibly sipping cocktails somewhere on your honeymoon!?), and in a week or few (this is the Australian Government we’re talking about remember) you should be able to jump online and apply to receive the ‘real McCoy’ – this is a less pretty one, that looks more like a birth certificate – in the post. Once you have this official wedding certificate, you can then apply for any name changes that you may wish to make.

Hey, I Just Met You & This Is Crazy…

It’s my opinion that, in a celebrant, you want someone that you’re comfortable talking to. During the process you’re going to need to be pretty candid. The person you choose to solemnise your day will (hopefully) ask you some pretty intimate questions. So it’s best that you feel at ease, and as if they could almost fit into your circle of friends.

To be fair you could read all day and still not really know what someone’s about. So why not call me, maybe?


Or easier still, drop some deets in this here contact form and I’ll be in touch. If you do, I’ll assume you’d prefer some info in email form (which is totally cool with me), so I’ll inbox you a little light reading. From there, we’ll take it at your pace. If you want to catch up and chat over coffee, I’d love that. If a dirty martini is more your thing, shut up and take my money!


I hope to hear from you two soon.