Lei-Ahna Newell

Civil Marriage Celebrant

Hello there! Firstly, congratulations on being so in love that you’re planning on making your commitment to each other legal, and ‘life-long’. I did it myself, a few years back, and I can honestly say it’s the best decision I’ve ever made (my falling pregnant and having kids wasn’t exactly a conscious ‘decision’ if you know what I mean – haha!).


Anyhoo, thanks for landing on my page! I’m Lei-Ahna. Most people call me Lei (‘Lee’) or Lilly. I smile a lot, laugh frequently, and I think I’m basically a pretty normal, natural, down-to-earth kind of human being.


I live in Palm Beach on the Gold Coast with my husband Jake, our three-year-old son (king) Louie, our fur-person border collie Famey girl, and – by the time you’re reading this, probably – a brand spanking new edition (due to arrive mid-April 2019) who we’re currently referring to as ‘hot lump’)!

I’m a relative newbie to wedding celebrancy, but my aim as your civil marriage celebrant is to create a relaxed yet meaningful wedding ceremony that is based on your honest story (sometimes glamorous… often probably daggy). I’d like your wedding ceremony to authentically represent ‘you’ as a couple.

The Look of Love.


You Do You, When You Say ‘I Do’.

Legals Only

As they say in the classics, “it takes two, baby”. We can do this in a hotel room, your kitchen, on a beach… you get the drift. It’s all the government-required paperwork to have you legitimately and legally married, with none of the fanfare.

Micro Weddings & Elopements

Love is an incredibly intimate thing. Perhaps it’s for that reason you really only want to share it with a very select group. Perhaps you have more financially-founded motivations for veering away from a bombastic, come-one, come-all celebration. Whatever your reasoning, this is a great way to honour your monumental moment on a smaller scale.

Civil Ceremonies

It’s your day, celebrate it your way. No matter how many attend, your wedding ceremony should tell your story and represent the real you - the ‘you’ that your family and friends know and love - in front of those you care about most. Decide where and when, tell ‘em to save the date, and let’s create a celebration that’s naturally, respectfully and honestly ‘you’.

Hey, I Just Met You & This Is Crazy…

It’s my opinion that, in a celebrant, you want someone that you’re comfortable talking to. During the process you’re going to need to be pretty candid. The person you choose to solemnise your day will (hopefully) ask you some pretty intimate questions. So it’s best that you feel at ease, and as if they could almost fit into your circle of friends.

To be fair you could read all day and still not really know what someone’s about. So why not call me, maybe?


Or easier still, drop some deets in this here contact form and I’ll be in touch. If you do, I’ll assume you’d prefer some info in email form (which is totally cool with me), so I’ll inbox you a little light reading. From there, we’ll take it at your pace. If you want to catch up and chat over coffee, I’d love that. If a dirty martini is more your thing, shut up and take my money!


I hope to hear from you two soon.