About Me


Hello I’m Lei-Ahna (that’s ‘Lee’ up front, followed by the back end of ‘banana’). Yep it’s a tricky one. My parents were warned, but they loved it and stuck to their guns. I’m pretty sure my name has helped shape the woman I am and the way I live my life. After all, it’s a conversation starter, and I do love a chat. My journey to here and now (again, much like my name) sure couldn’t be called common or boring.


I was basically born with ballet shoes on (not literally… but seriously, almost literally) and more than half of my time on this planet has been spent in a dance studio. Though I did my fair share of performing as a girl, I never really loved being ‘centre stage’. I was more interested in the planning, the costumes, and of course the choreography. Oh, my heart, the choreography! Fresh out of school – but before being burned by the ‘soul trader’ (anyone who’s ever run their own business will know how soul destroying being a sole trader can be) – I spent a handful of years toiling away teaching tots to teens in my very own dance studio. Then I decided I liked the idea of working for someone else somewhere else. And I scored a dream position in Canada teaching some of the finest dancers I’ve ever seen, and spending Summers in New York City teaching some more and sweating my bikram’d bum off. Is it any wonder then that when I eventually returned home several years older and wiser (or so I thought), I decided to hang up the old split-soles for good, and enter the world of farshun!

From the retail trenches of a very well known Aussie fashion store, I worked my way up the ladder until I found myself living the manic, fast-paced existence of a fashion “brand manager”. Fast-forward a bit further (obviously far enough for the memory of that sole trader struggle to have evaporated) and I’m back opening a gorgeous little fashion, lifestyle and homewares boutique on the Gold Coast and hoping to support local artisans and designers.


‘Round-about here is where it starts to get a little blurry. To be honest I’m not sure when it happened – or really, how – but my husband (a musician who works predominantly in the wedding industry) somehow planted a seed and began sowing the idea of me becoming a celebrant. At first I thought he was crazy. Out of his flipping mind. Because never in my life had I thought about public speaking. Or if I had, it was probably how much I hate public speaking. But in a strangely organic kind of way the idea started to grow on me. I began to realise that being a celebrant isn’t about public speaking. It’s about talking to people. Connecting with people. Getting to know people. And sure, then telling their story in public – but I love stories! And I love people. And did I mention I love a chat?


So, that’s a few paragraphs (possibly a few too many) about me. Now, I’d love to hear a few about you. If you’re into coffee, let me buy you one. And if you prefer a martini, it must be pm somewhere in the world! Let’s meet. Let’s sit down, catch up and talk about real stuff.

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